Multiparker 710
The Multiparker 710 utilizes clever and smart the available surface and provides parking space on 4 to 8 levels. >>


Multiparker 720
Multiparker 720 is for smaller floor plan areas featuring high structures, with an emphasis on stacking the parking places on top of one another up to 50 levels high. >>

Multiparker 730

By the use of a lift and shuttle system, faster access times are ensured with Multiparker 730. >>

Multiparker 740

The Multiparker 740 is particularly suited to narrow and long floor plan areas and features a fully automatic space saving high rack storage parking arrangement. >>

Multiparker 750

Multiparker 750 offers parking places in a concrete structure without steel pallets and in up to 30 levels high. >>

Multiparker 760

Similar to a high rack more car parking places are provided with the pallet-less system Multiparker 760. Cars are simple stacked side by side and one above the other. >>