Gira products for increased safety

Smoke detector
Automatic light control
Safety switches

Gira smoke detectors save lives because they emit a warning before the smoke concentration becomes dangerous.

On. Off. Completely automatically. Automatic control switches and presence detectors monitor the house and grounds and automatically switch on a light when motion is detected.

Safety switches can be used in various ways, e.g. as emergency-off switches for highly automated systems in industrial operations or training grounds or at experiment benches in schools and universities.

Video monitoring
SCHUKO socket outlet with integrated enhanced contact protection
LED lighting and orientation

It’s good to see who’s at the door – whether to prevent unauthorised access or to monitor entrances and areas that aren’t easily visible. The Gira door communication system offers a wide range of door intercoms with video function.

SCHUKO socket outlets with integrated increased contact protection ensure that little ones don’t get hurt while playing, whether in the child’s room or anywhere in the home.

LED lighting enables the targeted use of lighting accents. For example, it can be used to illuminate stairs, dark hallways or outdoor pathways, thus providing extra safety for walking and orientation, both inside and outside.