Fluid machinery/ Thermal fluid energy machines

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Fans and compressors
A characteristic of fans is the pressure ratio, which indicates the ratio of the absolute final pressure to the absolute intake pressure. Fans are different from compressors because of their low pressure ratio of max. 2,5.
HM 280
HM 282
HM 292
Experiments with a radial fan                                     Experiments with an axial fan                    Experiments with a Radial Compressor
Operating behaviour and characteristic variables of a radial fan; two interchangeable rotors      Operating behaviour and characteristic variables of an axial fan                                           Two-stage compressor: recording of the compressor curve for both stages                    
HM 210
HM 215
HL 710
Characteristic Variables of a Radial Fan Two-stage axial fan                                                                  Air duct systems                                                             
Determining the flow rate through iris diaphragm or venturi nozzle Determining the characteristics of a two stage axial fan Planning and set-up of simple and complex air duct systems
HM 299
ET 165
ET 432
Comparison of positive displacement machines and turbomachines Refrigeration System with Open Compressor                                                                               Behaviour of a piston compressor                                                                                            
Interchangeable driven machines: three pumps, two compressors                                                                                             Capacity measurement at the open compressor with variable speed; refrigeration chamber with adjustable cooling load Investigations in an open two-cylinder piston compressor from refrigeration engineering                                  
ET 500
ET 508
ET 512
Two-stage piston compressor                              Simulation of a two-stage air compressor Air compressor test unit                                     
Determining the characteristic values of an industrial two-stage compressor    Simulation allows easy familiarisation with a compression process with intercooling       Functional test of a small industrial compressor                                                                   
Thermal turbines
Thermal turbines work with compressible fluids: e.g. gas, wind and steam turbines                                                                                                                                         
HM 270
HM 272
ET 792
Impulse turbine                            Reaction turbine               Gas turbine                            
Investigation of a compressed air driven axial impulse turbine                                                                                                   Investigation of a compressed air driven radial reaction turbine                                                                               Operation as turboshaft engine with power turbine or as jet engine with propelling nozzle using liquid gas                          
ET 794
ET 795
ET 796
Gas turbine with power turbine   Simulation of a gas turbine   Gas Turbine Jet Engine
Two-shaft system with radial compressor and two radial turbines using liquid gas                                                 Simulation of a two-shaft system with power turbine allows easy understanding of the operating properties                  Small single-shaft gas turbine with thrust measurement using either kerosene or petroleum                                                                    
ET 851
ET 830
ET 833
Axial steam turbine                                                            Steam Power Plant, 1,5kW                                                     Steam Power Plant 1,5kW with Process Control System       
Single-stage steam turbine with power output measurement; steam supply via from ET 850                                                           Oil-fired boiler, single-stage small industry turbine, condenser and feed water treatment and monitoring viaPLC        Steam turbine system like ET 830, with additional monitoring and control via control station with touch screen panel  
ET 805
ET 220.01
ET 220
Steam Power Plant 20kW with Process Control System Wind Power Plant                                      Energy conversion in a wind power plant
Steam turbine with synchronous generator for grid-connected or stand-alone operation. Fully equipped with oil-fired or gas-fired boiler, condenser, cooling tower, feed water treatment and modern synchronisation device (PPU)        Connection to ET 220; outdoor installation allows practically relevant investigations                                                                                                                                                                                               Conversion of kinetic wind energy into electrical energy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
ET 270
Wave Energy Converter, OWC 
Turbine unit with Wells turbine and electric generator; configurable wave generator                     
Internal combustion engines and steam engines
CT 150
CT 151
CT 159
Four-Stroke Petrol Engine for CT 159        Four-Stroke Diesel Engine for CT 159                                     Four-Stroke Petrol Engine w. Variable Compression for CT 159   
Air-cooled overhead valve four-stroke petrol engine                                                                                                  Air-cooled four-stroke diesel engine with direct injection                                                                                                   Air-cooled four-stroke petrol engine with different compression ratios thanks to interchangeable combustion chambers     
CT 153
CT 100.20
CT 100.21
Two-stroke petrol engine for CT 159   Four-stroke petrol engine for CT 110   Two-Stroke Petrol Engine for CT 110
Air-cooled two-stroke petrol engine                            Air-cooled four-stroke petrol engine with carburettor             Air-cooled two-stroke petrol engine with reverse scavenging  
CT 100.22
CT 100.23
CT 300.03
Four-Stroke Diesel Engine for CT 110                                    Water-Cooled Four-Stroke Diesel Engine for CT 110        Single Cylinder Engine w. Variable Compression for CT 300   
Air-cooled four-stroke diesel engine with direct injection                                                                                                                                          Water-cooled four-stroke diesel engine using the swirl chamber principle                                                                                               Operation as spark ignition petrol engine with external mixture formation or self-igniting diesel engine with direct injection
CT 300.04
CT 400.01
CT 300.05
Two-Cylinder Petrol Engine for CT 300 Four-Cylinder Petrol Engine                                    wo-Cylinder Diesel Engine for CT 300
under construction!                                                                                                                  Water-cooled four-stroke diesel engine with indirect injection                                                        Water-cooled petrol engine with intake-manifold fuel injection, max. 55kW                 
CT 400.02
ET 810
ET 813
Four-cylinder diesel engine               Steam power plant with steam engine                 Two-cylinder steam engine                               
Water-cooled naturally aspirated diesel engine with direct injection, max. 47kW                     Double-acting single-cylinder steam engine with gas-fired steam boiler                                    Single-acting steam engine with condensation for determining mechanical power and efficiency
Cutaway models of thermal fluid energy machines
ET 499.01
ET 499.02
ET 499.03
Cutaway Model: Hermetic Refrigerant Compressor Cutaway model: semi-hermetic refrigerant compressor       Cutaway model: open refrigerant compressor, 2-cylinder           
Cutaway model of an industrial refrigeration compressor